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EES—Gatekeepers of your security and trust

At Electronic Entry Systems, We Put Security, Quality and Service on Automatic

Robert Frost once wrote “Good fences make good neighbors.” He forgot to mention fences with gates that open and close using the kind of control you request and prefer. Gates let friendly neighbors in and keep unwanted guests and a range of pests out. Frost would also appreciate the fact that our gates operate so efficiently and consistently they are poetry in motion. What else do EES gates assure?

  • Safety and security – keeping unwanted visitors (a lot of solicitors) away
  • Protection for everyone, especially children and pets
  • Added elegance and beauty to your property
  • Increased property value
  • Convenience (a push of a button and your gate’s in the swing of things) plus sensors that let you know someone is at the gate or entryway

That’s what we feature at Electronic Entry Systems with John Dini as the gatekeeper of our good name and heritage. John makes sure more than our gates operate automatically and that every EES team member puts other important things on automatic too—the highest possible security , quality and service.

EES – “Service” is a Part of Our Name (Almost)

The “S” EES stands for “Systems,” but it should stand for “Service” because that is ultimately what separates us from any other automated gate company out there. How do we serve you better? Let us count the ways:

  1. Easier appointment making: You can call, email, or fax in your request for an appointment arranged at your convenience. Our friendly and knowledgeable office staff is ready to process your request, and quickly dispatch one of our experienced, factory-trained technicians to your site.
  2. No waiting: We know you have better things to do than wait around for contractors, so we offer you the choice of an appointment to meet with our tech, or a service call to your site without requiring your presence (as long as we have everything necessary for secure access).
  3. Warehouse on wheels: Our service vehicles are stocked with spare and replacement parts in order to complete your job in as few trips as possible. Before your appointment, you’ll receive a call to let you know the tech is on his way and afterward, notification that the job is complete, with added information regarding any extra parts and/or labor required to finish the work.
  4. No-foul follow-ups. After your service, you can expect a follow up to make certain you are more than pleased with the work we’ve done and to check on any other needs.
  5. Satisfaction guaranteed. You are also covered by our unmatched 90-DAY WRITTEN SERVICE GUARANTEE AND CONDITIONS. It gives you the peace of mind that we stand behind our work, and that promise is in writing. Give us your worst service problem – we’re the ultimate fast, fixer-uppers.

Safety Comes First

Safety is our primary concern: people safety, vehicle and property safety, too. We protect and keep things safer in many ways; first with the best, most sophisticated, and safety-tested equipment and automated gate systems available. Next, we advise and train our customers in the capabilities and limitations of all EES electronic operating systems. Our exceptional safety record over the years is proof that we do everything conceivably possible to avoid accidents and injuries.

EES provides you with guidelines and recommendations that minimize risk. While it is impossible to provide specifics for every possible situation, you can gain added safety  information by checking out the following helpful resources; (they may not be fascinating summer or winter reads, but we give them great reviews):

We Developed and Set the UL National Safety Standard for Automatic Gates

When it comes to safety, only one automatic gate company can claim to have created and set the national safety standard: EES

Electronic Entry Systems, Inc. is the ONLY INSTALLING DEALER IN THE MIDWESTERN UNITED STATES that is an original member of the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Committee that developed UL325, which is the NATIONAL SAFETY STANDARD for Automatic Gate Systems. Up to this day, we remain a member of the committee that has an ongoing relationship with UL as well as a commitment to update, revise, comment and vote on this extremely important national safety standard for our industry.

At Home in these Neighborhoods (Have trucks, will travel)

Electronic Entry Systems serves the greater Chicagoland area, extending to the general areas of Lake Geneva, Rockford, Elgin, Aurora, Joliet, Peoria, and Northwest Indiana. We also travel to Central Illinois and other states in special circumstances. Written guarantees are provided on all installations and services. Service contracts, preventative maintenance contracts, and financing are available.

We Know what Cheap Costs

Many people think they save money once they have a cheap automatic gate system installed and finish paying for it. Truth is, in most instances, they’ve only just begun paying the price. Many low cost gate systems provided by unqualified installers necessitate higher than normal service to keep the system running properly. When their service guys come out to fix it again, your gate’s “real cost” goes through the roof. (We hate when that happens!)

There is also a high probability that some or all of the system will need to be replaced sooner than it would if you had installed a high-quality, “proper” EES system. Odds are it will be much sooner than you expected. We know what cheap costs…


profile“First class service, a professional yet friendly attitude, and competitive pricing are our top priorities” – John Dini, President and Gatekeeper

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