Automatic Gates

Fencing and Gates that Open the Door to EES Quality and Reliability

Count on EES for installation and repair of high-quality, custom-designed fencing and gates in a variety of materials including ornamental iron, chain link, and wood. Iron is a customer favorite. When we talk “iron”, we’re referring to “wrought iron,” which has been around for hundreds of years. Back in the day, all iron gates and fencing were “wrought iron,” which meant “iron made by hand.” Today, we offer wrought iron fencing that is custom fabricated ornamental iron, which means that it is made of iron materials welded together to make the finished product. Ironically, iron can be striking—at least ours is because it is powder-coated for long-life, rust-prevention and attractiveness.

Automatic Gates Are What We Do—with Quality, Efficiency, Reliability

Our automatic gates are always in the swing or slide of things. They are well constructed and great looking, but the real beauty of them is that you don’t have to leave your vehicle and step out in the rain, snow, sleet, or Windy City gale to operate them. EES gates work automatically and just as you wish with endless control systems, options and accessories.

We supply, install, and service every type of automatic gate operating systems including:

  • Slide Gates – (slides side to side)
  • Swing Gates – (swings like a door)
  • Barrier Gates – (tollway type gate with wood, metal, or PVC arm that lifts up and to the side)
  • Vertical Lift Gates – (full height gate, and the entire gate lifts up and to the side like a barrier gate)
  • Vertical Lift Bollards – (round post that extends straight up from the ground)

We provide systems for private and public driveways, parking lots, and access roads. All our systems have provisions for operation in our kind of weather. No wonder we reign as the premier gate installer in the Midwest. EES gates also feature some type of manual release mechanism to open the gate in case of emergency. All of our systems are provided with both inherent (built-in) and external (added-on) safety devices. Some examples of these are photo-beams or photocells, reversing edges, safety edges, magnetic safety loops, safety mesh protection for gates, roller guards, flashing lights, beepers and sounders, power cut-off switches, and rubber edges (whew!), just to name a few. Name us as your next installer. We’ll be thrilled and so will you!

Keep barbarians away from your gates and allow entry to Girl Scouts with cookies. Don’t wait. Contact EES today!