Automatic Vehicle ID Systems (AVID)

EES Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVID). Hands-free Entry & Exit


“Look, Ma No Hands – And Safe, too”

Want certain people (you, your family or your employees, or even the food truck with the coffee and donuts) to gain access automatically and easily to your property? Take advantage of our Barcode Readers with ID decals placed on the outside of the vehicle for identification. The EES barcode system is conveniently “hands free.” Up goes the gate—without the driver having to do anything but steer through. The reader detects and identifies the decal on the side of the vehicle. Typical range for a barcode system is 6 feet from the reader moving at up to 25 mph.

If you have a need –a need for access at higher speeds—we offer “I-Pass” or IPASS-type readers that are effective in allowing quick access at higher speeds and /or longer distances. It’s the same kind of reader that the IDOT system uses, but without the toll (yes!).

And here’s something that is wonderfully innovative.If you want more than a reader that’s just “similar” to I-Pass, EES can program your reader to use the actual I-Pass transponder you’ve already got on your vehicle—without the cost of an additional transponder or other credential. For safety and record-keeping, the system keeps an audit trail with a full transaction history of who came in, who left, and when. This unique EES reader has advanced programming features.

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