Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance/Security Cameras from EES are Vigilant Guardians at Your Gate

In today’s world, Security Cameras have become as common and needed in everyday life as wall clocks, exit signs, and smoke alarms. As a matter of fact, each of these items can actually house a covert camera and still look like the real deal. These “spies with eyes” may not go off when the room fills with smoke or gong when it’s 5 p.m., but they do a wonderful and thorough job of vigilance. They see what’s going on in the area and record it so you so your family, belongings and property stay protected and safe.

Perhaps your need of an infra-red (IR) outdoor dome camera to keep an eye on your house or yard while you are out of town or  a license plate camera to keep track of every vehicle that enters your gated community. No worries, we’ve got you covered for an indoor wall mount camera to watch sensitive cash register stations and other employee areas (just like “Mystery Diners” on TV).  Electronic Entry Systems can provide a versatile and dependable system to suit any budget.

Rugged, compact, with an attractive design and all-weather performance, our surveillance line of cameras have actually won awards, and purchasers are always pleased. EES cameras are useful for residential, commercial and industrial applications and are suitable for installation in almost any environment. Cameras stand up to  the most demanding site locations such as casinos, correctional facilities and schools (we can keep a trained eye on those kids, keep the mayhem minimal, but most importantly keep them safe.)

Thinking about a gate? Don’t Wait. Contact EES today!