Telephone Entry Systems and Intercoms

Say Hello to Popular EES Telephone Entry Systems and Intercoms

Telephone Entry Systems are one of the most versatile, convenient, and dependable of all the systems we install. Their main use is as an intercom for a visitor to communicate with a resident/tenant or employee. This means of entry features a gate or door release “buzzer” which allows the visitor to gain entry to a home, building, or property. A key feature of the system is the incorporation of a numeric keypad that allows users with a valid code to open the gate or door and let themselves in. But that’s just the beginning. The system can be programmed in a huge variety of ways. It can be programmed to allow dial and/or code usage for people during specified times.

Telephone Entry Systems

These systems also have code usage tracking (audit trail/transaction record), and special codes only valid one time or for a limited number of uses. In addition, many systems also act as a master controller for a Key Fob/Key Card Proximity Reader System. So you can add gate or door readers that all use the same database and programming system. This is a great timesaver and convenience for administrators.

Many of these systems include remote programming through an easy-to-use software program or internet web browser. Most units are also camera-ready with an inside mount and lens opening in the faceplate so a camera can be easily added at any time. Residential TES units also allow the gate to be opened, held open, and closed from any phone. There are many other useful EES features that cover almost any imaginable access situation for residents, employees or visitors.

Intercoms – Hardwired and Wireless

Intercoms in their original form were simply two-way communication devices that used hard wires to connect someone outside with someone inside. Electronic switches called relays were then added to activate an electronic lock at the door or gate to allow entry. Hardwired intercoms are typified by allowing the person inside to use a panel or box on the wall to communicate with the visitor. These devices were, and still are very simple, and are found all over our country from single family homes to huge apartment buildings with thousands of tenants. Since EES provides systems that are much more modern with more features that add convenience and durability, we just service these systems and provide replacement parts. If you have an application that warrants a typical hardwired intercom, we do also sell and install new intercom systems.

In situations where it is not economically feasible to run wires, we also have several different brands and types of wireless intercoms. These wireless intercoms can be a real money-saver since communication wires don’t need to be installed. As always, we don’t recommend a “cheap” system since cheap can be costly long-term.

Intercoms – Cell Phone

Cell Phone intercoms are one of the newest products in the industry and, of course, they’re in our EES arsenal. They offer the delightful convenience of answering and allowing access to the gate with your telephone or cell phone. With one of these systems we can provide an intercom almost anywhere, and you can have complete flexibility over who has access to your property, even if you are nowhere near the property or are even out of town. These systems are programmable so you can provide access to others in any way you wish. The housings are attractive, durable and weather-resistant and will provide superior performance for many years to come.

Hand-key Recognition Systems: 

Advanced EES Hand-Key systems put the security and convenience of biometric access-control literally within easier grasp, not only because of the technical nature of the recognition system, but because access control like this is more affordable. Hand-Keys use unique hand biometrics to verify people versus a card, key or PIN that can be readily transferred to someone else. With a Hand-key, access is available only to authorized people with physical characteristics that meet the biometrics test.  The elimination of cards drives administration costs down while driving the level of security up. Contact us for further information.

A remote-entry key fob is not your average keychain accessory. These small plastic controllers are a big convenience for folks with gates. Key fobs are an integral component of a keyless entry system. Locking and unlocking your gate with an EES key fob is as easy as pushing a button.

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