Automatic Gates

Chicago Automatic Gates

We supply, install, and service every type of automatic gate operating systems, including:

  • Slide Gates – (slides side to side)
  • Swing Gates – (swings like a door)
  • Barrier Gates – (tollway type gate with wood, metal, or PVC arm that lifts up and to the side)
  • Vertical Lift Gates – (full height gate, and the entire gate lifts up and to the side like a barrier gate)
  • Vertical Lift Bollards – (round post that extends straight up from the ground)
We provide systems for Private and Public Driveways, Parking Lots, and Access Roads. All our systems have provisions for operation in our cold, snowy, and icy climate. They also all some type of manual release mechanism to open the gate in case of emergency. All of our systems are provided with both inherent (built-in) and external (added-on) safety devices. Some examples of these are photobeams / photocells, reversing edges, safety edges, magnetic safety loops, safety mesh protection for gates, roller guards, flashing lights, beepers and sounders, power cut-off switches, and rubber edges, just to name a few.


Chicago Drive Gate SystemsVehicular Gate Operators – Drive Gate Systems

Commercial or Residential Gate Operators. Automate gates to control vehicular access to your property. They also prevent unauthorized pedestrian access. You can select a gate operator for a swinging or sliding gate. Safety features are necessary to complete a proper installation. We can also specify things like surge suppressors, emergency (rapid) access systems, and other accessories and convenience items that many other so-called “installers” don’t even know about. We start with the concept of dependability and durability, and finish with beauty and appearance.


Barrier Gate Operators – Parking Gates (tollway type)

Chicago Barrier Gates

When high speed, frequent access is essential, a Barrier style operator can be utilized. Whether used in airports, parking lots or office buildings, Barrier Gates prevent vehicles from entering without proper authorization – efficiently managing entry without hampering busy traffic flow. They can be used as a single barrier gate arm unit only or designed to integrate with a slide or swing operator to prevent additional cars from entering a specified area prior to the previous vehicle going through the gate, or directly after another vehicle (referred to as “tailgating”).

In the photo here, the barrier gate operator is combined with a slide gate operator for the purpose of security and speed of access at different times of the day.


Solar Powered Gate Operating Systems


Solar power is a not only beneficial for operating a gate when there is no power nearby, but it is also beneficial for our planet. We all have a responsibility to our current and future generations to GO GREEN. It simply makes sense. We offer a wide selection of solar powered gate operators they deliver power when needed most for opening and closing the gate and minimize power consumption at all other times for best solar performance. These types of systems utilize DC motors that provide soft start/soft stop operation, which promotes longer gate and operator life, as well as dependable performance. Please contact us with your specific needs and we will help you choose the best SOLAR POWERED GATE OPERATING SYSTEM for your application.


Our Commitment to Your Safety

Gate Safety

Safety is paramount, especially when Installing an Automatic Gate Operating System, and our most important company policy is “SAFETY FIRST”, for our customers, their visitors, the public, and all employees. We are proud of our status as an original and current Committee Member for the National Safety Standard for Automatic Gate Systems (UL325). We like to say we helped “write the book” on safety for Automatic Gates. In fact, we are the only installing company in the Midwestern United States that holds this distinction.