Swing Gate

Automatic Gates

Slide gates, swing gates, every kind of practical and popular automated gate. Ideal for private and public driveways, parking lots, and commercial areas. Right as rain, dependable in snow and ice. Talk about safety.

Fencing and Gates

Fencing in all kinds of materials from wrought iron and pre-fabricated steel, to PVC, aluminum, and more. EES starts with dependability and durability, and finishes with beauty and appearance.

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Barrier Gates

Check out EES barrier gates, the most popular form of vehicle control in commercial and industrial areas, including parking lots, office buildings, airports, hospitals, and perhaps even the Pearly Gates.

EES Turnstiles

Our totally terrific turnstiles allow people to come and go quickly and easily at major entertainment venues, retail operations, health clubs, park district pools, and transit systems.

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Farm/Equestrian Gates

EES Equestrian Gates are thoroughbreds for quality, safety, durability and beauty. Protect your large ranch or estate with beautifully designed EES gates.”

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