As the premier installing dealer of automatic gates and access controls in the Midwest, we provide professional installation of time-tested. high-quality access control systems.  Our most common products include automatic gate systems, surveillance cameras, telephone entry systems, key fob and key card access systems, keypads, gates and fencing (non-automated), drive gate systems, and accessories for vehicular drive gate systems.

EES—Gatekeepers of your security, safety and trust

Our Most Common (Uncommonly-Great) Products

In an insecure world, EES is proud to offer the finest electronic systems available so you can let who and what you want into your world and keep the intruders, pests (including unwanted guests) out. Today’s world is all about access and EES supplies installs and services a vast array of the best access control systems available.

We don’t say these are our most “common” products since they are constructed and installed with unique and uncommon quality, craftsmanship and professional care. Instead of “common,” let’s call the products listed here our most “frequently requested” products. And please note:

We are uncommonly good:

  • In the status of EES as the premier installing gate dealership in the area
  • In the breadth of our product and accessory line
  • As an innovator in our industry, including the fact that we developed and set the Underwriter’s Laboratories national safety standard for automatic gates
  • In the reach of our service area from the North Shore up to the Wisconsin border (where the lunker large-mouth roam) to our sister state of Indiana
  • In customer care and paying attention to customer conveniences like controls the way you want them
  • In our affordability and willingness to work with you to pay in a way that makes you comfortable and fits your budget

Fencing and Gates:

Fencing in all kinds of materials from wrought iron and pre-fabricated steel fences, to PVC, aluminum gates and more. EES starts with dependability and durability and finishes with beauty and appearance. (Discover more)

Automatic Gates

Slide gates, swing gates, every kind of practical and popular automated gate. Ideal for private and public driveways, parking lots. Right as rain, dependable in snow and ice. Talk about safety—sure, just click here to learn more.

Vehicle Gate Operators – Drive Gate Systems

Control who has convenient access to your residential, commercial or industrial property. Select a gate operation system for any of our automated gates. Discover features other installers are openly closed about offering. Check it out.

Barrier Gates

Check out EES barrier gates, the most popular form of vehicle control in commercial and industrial areas, including parking lots, office buildings, airports, hospitals and perhaps even the Pearly Gates. Hopefully, you’ve got a heavenly EES keycard for ready access. Click for more.

Accessories for Driveway Gate Systems

You’re left to our devices to open your gates close them and keep them from closing on a vehicle or individual. Rely on a vast array of remote controls, including clickers and transmitters.  See what accessories come free and how we focus on safety. More

Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVID)

If you want quick, easy access for certain vehicles, become an AVID fan and put an ID decal on the vehicle. “Look ma, entry with no hands.” Don’t pass on EES “IPASS” type readers either.  Easily keep individual entry and exit records and add and delete users at will. Learn More

Surveillance/Security Cameras:

EES surveillance cameras keep a covert or overt eye on things 24/7/365. We have infra-red, outdoor cameras, license plates and wall-mounted cameras to check on the kids, your property, the safety of your business, or the till. Don’t wait ‘til it’s too late—click here.

EES Turnstiles

Our totally terrific turnstiles allow people to come and go quickly and easily at major entertainment venues, retail operations, health clubs, park district pools and transit systems. They may work for walkers, but they don’t look pedestrian. Find out more

Telephone Entry Systems and Intercoms

These EES entry systems are some of the most popular we install because of their versatility, convenience, and reliability. They are used primarily with an intercom so someone like Watson can contact Alexander Bell or another resident and get buzzed in. Discover more buzz here.

Biometrics Access

It’s right out of a Jason Borne movie—EES gate systems that focus on unique, human characteristics to allow entry or exit. Start with voice, palm print, fingerprint, retinal/iris scans and take it from there. Go here

Hand-key Recognition Systems

How handy! EES Hand-Keys use unique hand biometrics to verify people versus a card, key or PIN that can be handed over to someone else. It’s secure, convenient and eliminating entry cards saves money. Check it out

Key Fob, Key Card, Keypad Systems

No more losing keys, being locked out or hiding keys under the matt. Go keyless and gain and allow entry and egress with the flip of a fob, or push of a button. Examine the best— an EES key fob, key card or keypad.

Solar Powered Gate Operating Systems

Go green. Let the sun shine in, store energy and power your gates naturally and efficiently while you protect the earth’s resources. Plug into the sun where and when electricity is missing in action. Learn more.

Equestrian Gates

EES Equestrian Gates are thoroughbreds for quality, safety, durability and beauty. Learn more

Make us the gatekeeper of your trust. Contact EES today!