Biometric Access & Solar Powered Gates

Advanced EES Biometrics Use Human Characteristics for Access (Awesome!)

EES is always on top of advances in gate/access technology and quite frequently we lead the way with exciting innovations that set the standard in the industry. In fact, we set the national safety standard for gates. Now, we offer advanced gate technology that is right out of a Jason Borne movie. We’re talking about biometrics, one of the latest (and coolest) tools being used in the access universe. Simply stated, biometrics uses a physical characteristic unique to each human to control entry or exit including voice, palm print, fingerprint, retinal/iris scan, facial recognition, visual/thermal imaging, signature analysis, etc. Talk to ESS about this high-tech access evolution.

Solar Powered Gate Operating Systems are a Bright Idea (Go Green!)

Solar power is a not only efficient for operating a gate when there’s no power nearby, but it is also beneficial for our planet. We all have a responsibility to our current and future generations to GO GREEN by respecting our depleting resources and relying on what comes naturally, like a bazillion kilowatts of energy from the sun. Actually and factually, the Sun’s output is 3.8 x 1033 ergs/second, or about 5 x 1023 horsepower. (A lot)

EES offers a wide selection of solar powered gate operators that deliver plenty of power when needed for opening and closing the gate while minimizing power consumption at all other times. This is good for reduced utility costs and reserves energy for later use. These types of systems utilize DC motors that provide soft-start/soft-stop operation, which promotes longer gate and operator life, as well as dependable performance. Please contact us with your specific needs and we will help you choose the best solar powered gate operating system matched to your needs and budget.

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