Quality Security Systems In The Chicagoland Area

Welcome to Electronic Entry Systems (EES), where quality security and sophisticated beauty seamlessly meet. In an arena that is usually flooded with conventional security systems and offerings, EES stands at the ready to integrate customized and distinctive charm. Say goodbye to the mundane options currently on the market and partner up with us in order to safeguard your home and property. 

It’s time to envision a world where your space can boast both top-tier security and contemporary sophistication. At EES, our entry systems and access-controlled gates not only serve as deterrents for unwanted guests but also have a history of enhancing the visual allure of your outdoor space. Keeping your property, storefront, or office complex safe should always be of top priority. EES stands ready to partner with you in creating a tailored security solution.

Backed by our history of delivering exceptional safety solutions in the Chicagoland area, EES has earned the respected trust of both business leaders and homeowners. Our mission lies in providing you with the advanced technology you’re looking for with a touch of flair and style. If you’ve found yourself looking for a cutting-edge security solution, look no further than Electronic Entry Systems in the Chicagoland area.

High-Quality Products & Expert Installation

Parking Gate

Automatic Gates & Fences

Discover the height of security and style with our array of gate and fence options. Our team of specialists is known for their extensive knowledge of all things turnstiles, automatic gates, barrier gates, and durable fences. Explore more.

Gate Openers

With our collection of personalized gate openers, we offer customizable options that match your unique preferences all powered by solar energy. Secure your property with EES gate openers that are precisely fitted to your needs. Dive deep into what sets us apart from the pack and discover more.

Entry Systems & Intercoms

The future of high-end security lies with our custom key fobs, keycards, and telephone entry systems. Start securing your home or property with EES by installing entry systems and intercoms that instill confidence in the safety of your space. Explore more now.


Explore the wide range of personalized security solutions EES has to offer. From license plate recognition to highly advanced camera systems and verification services. Our team of experts makes sure that the highest level of security needs are met every step of the way. Discover more about our security plans today. 

Your First Choice In Security Systems in Chicagoland

In Chicagoland, EES stands prepared as your premier security ally. We take pride in servicing those wanting to secure their businesses, homes, condos, and industrial buildings. Partner up with EES to perfectly design a harmonious security plan that also illustrates the beauty of your property. Contact your local office today and prepare to begin your collaborative journey towards giving you peace of mind knowing your home is safe. 

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