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Welcome to Electronic Entry Systems (EES) – your final destination for the perfect blend of security and elegance. In a world where most high quality security solutions seem to be stark and bland, we bring aesthetic solutions that also fortify your businesses and homes with a perfectly tailored security system, and high-quality automated gates

Envision a reality that has your property perfectly secure while also exuding sophistication, charm, and aligned property aesthetics. Our access-controlled doors and gates stand the test of time, repelling any and all unwanted visitors while also elevating the visual presentation of your property. Whether you have a cozy home, modern condo, bustling industrial park, or serene farm – Electronic Security Systems is ready to get your personalized security system goals met.

EES has partnered with many families and businesses in and around the Crete area for all their security needs. We take much pride in our unwavering dedication to administering top-quality security and beauty like never before. If you’ve been in the market for a state of the art security system, it might be time to reach out to your local Crete Electronic Entry Systems office today, and get started on your unique journey into bespoke security aspirations for your property. Get some peace of mind knowing that you’re working hand-in-hand with top professionals in the industry.

High-Quality Products & Expert Installation

Parking Gate

Automatic Gates & Fences

Get to know more about our diverse range of gate and fence offerings that will elevate your property’s aesthetic and security. From sleek automatic gates to sturdy fences, adaptable turnstiles and efficient barrier gates – our team of experts are ready to extend their knowledge of customizable gates and fences to you. Learn more

Gate Openers

Experience the height of gate technology with our vast array of customizable vehicular gate openers which include solar-powered options as well. Step proudly into the world of top-of-the-line gate openers that can be tailored precisely to meet your every requirement. Learn more

Entry Systems & Intercoms

Embrace the future of security systems with our cutting-edge key fobs, telephone entry systems, and keycards. It’s time to get started and introduce a well crafted fortification system that empowers you with unmatched security peace of mind. Learn more


Step into an era of unmatched security tools that have been designed to level up your property’s overall safety. From advanced license plate recognition all the way down to comprehensive camera systems and biometric verification services. We are able to deliver tailor-made solutions that in turn grant you the ultimate sense of security. Learn more

Premier Installing Dealer in Crete, IL

It’s time to safeguard your property with a uniquely tailored security solution with the helping hand of Electronic Entry Systems. Whether it’s a business, home, condo, or bustling industrial park – EES is your one stop shop to all things security fortification and safety. Count on us to craft the perfect security plan that attunes to all your goals and aspirations for securing your property. Let’s collaborate on your security journey together, and start the process of enhancing your property’s defenses. It’s time to elevate your security standards!

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