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Get ready to discover the perfect fusion of style and security with Electronic Entry Systems (EES). In a world where we are stuck with run-of-the-mill security options, we take pride in bringing you a perfect blend of elegance and safety options. Say goodbye to the ordinary and say hello to our unique approach that makes sure that your property is impeccably secure and exudes elegant curb appeal. Serving the Deerfield and nearby areas, we’re known for delivering high-quality security plans for both homes and businesses alike with features such as top-of-the-line automated gates

Imagine a reality where your property can be both sophisticated and secure. Our durable access-controlled doors and gates not only repel any unwanted strangers from your property, but also elevates its overall curb appeal. Whether you’re on the market to safeguard a bustling industrial park building, a homestead, or a thriving business, EES is geared up to start a collaborative process of creating your personalized security plan. 

We have a strong legacy of expertise in the Deerfield area, which has earned us trust in the community as the go-to partner for business owners and families alike. Our mission stands in delivering unparalleled security solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into your property’s existing structures. Experience peace of mind with the help of Electronic Entry Systems but connecting with your local Deerfield office today.

High-Quality Products & Expert Installation

Parking Gate

Automatic Gates & Fences

Discover unmatched visual curb appeal with our premiere gates and fences options. We offer you the visual allure and high-quality security range that you deserve. From versatile turnstiles and sleep automatic gates, to sturdy fences and barrier gates; our team of experts stand at the forefront in crafting the perfect solution for you. Learn more.

Gate Openers

It’s time to seize control of your property’s security with customizable gate openers that also come in solar-powered options. With our cutting-edge technology that is tailored precisely to your security needs, you’ll be able to experience a stress-free experience knowing that your property is properly secure. Learn more.

Entry Systems & Intercoms

Forge forward with the addition of cutting-edge security solutions with telephone entry systems, key fobs, and keycards. It’s time to step into the future of security and ditch the ordinary solutions. Empower yourself with the assurance in knowing your property is aesthetically fortified and safe. Learn more.


Experience unparalleled security excellence with the integration of camera systems, advanced license plate recognition, and biometric verification solutions. Our customized offerings ensure that you cover all your bases when it comes to properly securing your property. Learn more

Premier Installing Dealer in Deerfield, IL

Unlock the power of unmatched security solutions with the help of Electronic Entry Solutions. We are your ultimate partner for your security needs; whether for your cozy home or bustling business. EES is your unwavering security ally and are the beacons of design and tailored security strategy. Let’s harmonize your property with top-of-the-line security and style, and get geared up with a professional team ready to get you started on your security solutions journey!

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