Elevate Your Security Systems with Electronic Entry Systems in Elmhurst, IL

Welcome to Electronic Entry Systems (EES), your quality security provider in the Elmhurst area. We offer cutting-edge safety and security measures that integrate beautifully into your home or business. In an era saturated with mundane and dull security options, EES is proud to offer you customized solutions that perfectly blend the worlds of timeless charm with quality safety protection. 

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all security solutions partner up with Electronic Entry Systems today and embrace the newest styles and technology for your peace of mind. Our mission lies in creating distinctive security solutions for your business or home that also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property. There is no need to compromise the safety or beauty of your property or home anymore. 

EES has a proven track record of delivering quality security solutions for those in need in the Elmhurst area and beyond. We have earned the trust of both homeowners and business leaders alike with our commitment to providing the newest in safety technology that fits your needs. This makes sure that your property not only functions flawlessly with the integration of safety measures like access-controlled gates but compliments the beauty of its surroundings as well.

High-Quality Products & Expert Installation

Parking Gate

Automatic Gates & Fences

Discover the blend of security and style with our wide range of distinct fence and gate options, including automatic gates, turnstiles, barrier gates, and so much more. Whatever barrier needs you need, we have the right option for you. Explore our gates.

Gate Openers

It’s time to personalize your security system with our customizable gate opener options. Many that we offer are powered by solar energy, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your property is environmentally friendly. Do a deep dive into our options.

Entry Systems & Intercoms

Secure your home or business with the use of our custom keycards, key fobs, and telephone entry systems. This has instilled confidence in those implementing our entry systems and intercoms knowing that your property has a proper entry security system. Learn more.


From advanced camera systems to license play recognition and verification services, we have you covered. Explore our diverse array of personalized security plans that meet your unique needs. Learn more about how to create a security plan.

Your Trusted Security Partner in Elmhurst, IL

At EES, we make sure to be your partner in securing your property as best as possible. Whether you’re looking to secure a condo, business, industrial building, or home, Electronic Entry Systems is here to help. Contact your local Elmhurst office today and take the first step toward creating a safe and beautiful environment to give you peace of mind knowing your space is secure.

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