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Welcome to Electronic Entry Systems (EES) – your premier destination for all things elegance and quality security solutions. In an era where top-notch security might come at the expense of style, we are here to redefine that standard. Our team of experts is known for their knowledge of all things control systems and automated gates, excelling in their ability to enhance both the safety and design of your home or business. 

There is a reality where your property can exude charm and elegance while maintaining top-of-the-line security solutions. Our access-controlled gates serve as the main entry security of your property to deter unwanted visitors while also enhancing its visual appeal. Whether you’re on the market to protect your home, industrial park, business, or anything in between, our unique approach to safety solutions is perfectly tailored to meet your security goals. 

We are known for our dedication to delivering top-tier security solutions in Evanston, IL, and beyond. Our mission lies in offering innovative options for home and property security. If you’ve been on the lookout for beautiful security options, contact your local Evanston EES office today, and let’s begin discussing your security needs. Get ready to experience peace of mind knowing your space is properly secured.

High-Quality Products & Expert Installation

Parking Gate

Automatic Gates & Fences

Explore our wide range of fence and gate solutions. We offer a wide array of options that include automatic gates, robust fences, barrier gates, and versatile turnstiles that meet your needs. We specialize in customizing each fence and gate we make to bring your vision to life. Learn more.

Gate Openers

Discover our top-of-the-line gate solutions with our variety of car gate openers that also include solar-powered options. Step into the future of gate openers with the help of EES by your side – learn more

Entry Systems & Intercoms

Upgrade your home security with our advanced telephone keycards, entry systems, and key fobs offered by EES. It’s time to integrate our beautiful designs and entry security solutions that help fortify your home or business from the very beginning. Learn more


Elevate your business or home with our state-of-the-art security tools. From camera systems and advanced license plate recognition to biometric verification, we are able to provide you with the exact solution you’re looking for to give you peace of mind. Learn more

Premier Installing Dealer in Evanston, IL

From businesses and industrial parks to your sacred homes, Electronic Entry Systems (EES) has been delivering customized security solutions to the members of Evanston, IL, for years. It’s time to keep your property safe without compromising on style and the overall aesthetic of your property. Trust us to offer you unmatched security solutions that are installed smoothly and with quality care.

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