Equestrian Gates

EES Equestrian Gates are Thoroughbreds for Quality, Safety, Endurance and Beauty


EES Paddock Gates

The best timber makes the strongest, most enduring gates that don’t need to be fixed or replaced with you venturing out to “the back 40” with tools in your hand. Oh, and we’re completely in the swing of convenience with paddock gates that can be hung from the right or left of the gate.

EES Metal Gates with Mettle

Talk about sturdy and tough and gates with mettle – okay we will. EES metal gates are the perfect divide for equestrian paddocks or fields.



EES Secure and Welcoming Entrance Gates

You want security for your ranch or farm or country estate but you also want a gate that is welcoming in appearance. We suggest our EES timber entrance. It’s a strong and attractive solution.

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Need a gate that doesn’t horse around?

     Call the gatekeepers more people trust – us!