Interest in safety picks up as temperatures rise, both in residential and commercial environments. This is in part because people are more willing to take on outdoor projects this time of year. But property owners and managers are also reacting to certain crime trends in recent years, which has incentivized them to take extra protective measures where they can. Folks are realizing that those initial investments are less than the cost of potential damages and loss to properties, not to mention their peace of mind.

1. People Throughout Illinois Seeking Better Ways to Protect Their Property

While some crime is down – thankfully, certain threats continue to grab attention throughout Illinois. For example, Chicago authorities say they received reports of over 10,400 robberies and almost 27,700 violent crimes in 2023, according to CBS News. Meanwhile, some suburban areas have experienced their own trends in criminal activity.

Today’s advanced gated systems are built to address security threats through built-in capabilities like lights and audio alarm systems, in addition to the physical barrier itself. Your solution could be an additional layer of safety through surveillance equipment such as outdoor cameras and enhanced recognition technology for letting in visitors. Others will be replacing their weather-worn fencing that no longer functions properly with a solid, more reliable gated system designed to connect to a range of convenient features.

2. Protection of Workers During June – National Safety Month

Nearly 30 years ago, June officially became National Safety Month. While the theme can apply anywhere, it specifically recognizes the need to protect workers at their jobs and during the work day.

Older gates tend to lose their reliability and therefore, functionality over time and even become a safety hazard. One significant step companies can take is upping their security by installing gates that have been tested and designed to prevent injuries and accidents. With the inclusion of access controls such as license plate recognition technology, and video intercoms, these systems can be trusted to give access to authorized personnel only and keep out the wrong elements from work sites.

3. More Efficient Gated Systems That Save Time and Effort

A lot of people simply want an easier, more convenient way to control their gates. Property owners with a system that still works well may want to add functionalities to upgrade what they already have. For this demographic, newer features are helping them save time and effort as they enter and exit properties. Some things we will see more of:

4. Homes Using Safety-Tested Equipment as Extensions of Entrances

More automated gates are being installed on the properties of residences throughout the country. They are viewed not just as entrances to gated communities and businesses, but also as extensions of single family homes. For these residents, the gate becomes like a new front door.

One of the primary differences between previous generations of gates and the ones being installed today is the standards that property owners expect and demand from the products. Past high-profile accidents have only spurred people to take measures to ensure the protection of children and pedestrians, as well as to protect vehicles that are entering the properties from any damage.

These changes are happening through:

  • Force testing
  • Vehicle detection sensors
  • Safety edges for swinging and sliding gates
  • Property inspections and recommendations by a reputable service provider

5. People Finding Other Ways to Improve Overall Safety of Properties

You will want to research and find a gate security service company that provides a variety of products that can be tailored to your specific needs. Just one type of gate doesn’t fit all properties, and there is a whole range of security components that can be packaged together for greater effect. For that reason, people will be seeking out a mix of elements that may include:

  1. Newer exterior surveillance options
  2. State-of-the-art equipment designs and aesthetics
  3. Intercom system with better controls that are user-friendly
  4. Long-lasting, higher-quality motors
  5. More advanced swing and slide gates
  6. Customized gate designs to match the building components/architecture
  7. Upgrades with appropriate accessories

At Electronic Entry Systems (EES), we provide all of those methods to secure properties. It just depends on what combination of solutions works the best for each client.

6. Consultations with Electronic Security System Installation Experts

Nothing is more frustrating than investing in a system that doesn’t do the job as well as you hoped. Our team of EES specialists is highly trained to make assessments and install the most sophisticated, safety-tested equipment and automated gate systems on the market.

Contact EES online and request a FREE consultation to get started. Feel free to call 800-337-4283 to talk to a security expert about how we can serve your security needs this summer.