The public’s perception of automatic / electric gates is changing, and so are the people who use them. They were once considered a feature of Hollywood homes, gated communities, and business compounds. In reality, the use of automated gated entrances to buildings and residential properties has been on the rise for years, and the trend is only continuing.

As people become more aware of the safety risks throughout society, many of them also want extra protection when they go to sleep at night. And in-home security systems can only accomplish so much. It’s no wonder more people are aiming their focus on the space outside of their properties as well.

So, who are these folks who are using advanced gated security systems?

Who Uses Gated Security Systems at Their Homes?

The perception is that people with expensive homes and high-end belongings are likely to want access control of their properties, and that is certainly the case. Even the desire to protect one’s identity could be a good reason to install stronger security measures at your entrance. However, anyone who wants to control who enters their home should start at the perimeter of their property – which is why more individuals and families are choosing to install automated entry systems at a diversity of residential and commercial structures.

Attractive Automated Entrances Aren’t Just for Gated Communities

You don’t need a mansion to want a more secure entrance with an automated system to protect your property. Managing access at the entrance to a driveway can be one of the best ways to safeguard your family and valuables. Custom-designed gates and a variety of features to choose from allow clients to create an entry system that matches their needs, whether they wish to protect a small courtyard, a sprawling suburban residence, or expansive commercial or industrial land.

People Who Want the Benefits and Features of More Advanced Security

One reason for the growth in this type of security system can be attributed to the expansion in advanced technology and features that make them more appealing. Among these benefits are:

  • Better quality, versatile intercoms
  • More reliable surveillance technology
  • Customized gate designs
  • Accessories for driveway gates
  • Various gate, fencing and barrier options

As more secure, user-friendly options become available, the general community of folks interested in taking advantage of these advancements is sure to grow, as well.

People Who Want to Modernize Their Current Security System

One of the main reasons someone will install an automated gate is to modernize an aging system that no longer serves its purpose, and may even become a burden to residents and tenants. A gate that doesn’t shut properly or one that is easy to breach can have the opposite effect of its intention, providing a nuisance for the property owner without the desired security. In addition, an outdated system will lack features that give users ease of access to guests and workers, as well as technological advantages provided by more recently developed systems.

People Who Need Swing Gates, Slide Gates, or Custom Fabricated Fencing

Other users of gated systems include groups in need of expanded custom fabricated fencing, from airports to equestrian properties. Companies like Electronic Entry Systems (EES) with a broad range of experience can provide automated swing gates, slide gates, barrier arms, custom fencing, and just about every other type of gate a situation might demand.

Why More Businesses Are Also Installing Gated Security Systems

We hear a lot about data protection, but businesses have just as much of an incentive to protect their physical properties. Business owners would rather keep the wrong people out than deal with losses of income due to temporary shutdowns and having to navigate their insurance system. Many growing businesses rightly suspect they wouldn’t survive such an ordeal, which is why it makes more financial sense to establish strong security systems that include state-of-the-art automatic electric gates and surveillance equipment.

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