A home with a security gate.

The entrance to any home or residential space needs to be more than just attractive. It needs to convey a strong sense of safety and security to compel prospective buyers to put down top dollars to live there. External, top-notch security lets people know they are home shopping in a high-end neighborhood, and nothing sends that message like a modern, automated gate system.

Because there are so many benefits to a home with upgraded security, it is also one of the primary ingredients in the curb appeal of any residential property. But whatever outdoor security system you prefer, it should be beautiful and inviting, as well as safe and user-friendly.

Safety & Security Are Key to a Home’s Curb Appeal

Different measures can make a home appear more secure, from a video doorbell to an alarm system. According to FBI data, private residential properties experience the highest rate of burglaries in the U.S., with total stolen property value in the hundreds of billions. The presence of an advanced, efficient gated system is a way to cut down significantly on that risk.

Homeowners must improve more than just the looks of their property. If your home isn’t on the market, it will be someday. Improving its curb appeal shouldn’t wait, as it benefits the current owners in addition to contributing to the home’s potential marketability.

Homes That Appear Less Secure Are More Vulnerable to Burglaries

Burglars are drawn to homes that do not have home security systems. Homes that lack a security system are 300 percent more likely to be burglarized, Bankrate reports. Knowing this, homebuyers look for security systems when shopping for a new home.

Outdoor lighting is often touted as a reliable way to deter intruders. But Lighting alone doesn’t keep the wrong people off your property at 3 a.m. Furthermore, bright outdoor lights can make it difficult to sleep at night and might bother the neighbors.

People Want Control Over Who Can Come and Go

People want to envision themselves coming home at night to a completely secure location. In particular, families with children don’t want to worry about intruders or the unauthorized entry of anyone else. They want to have some control over both foot and vehicle traffic of guests and delivery people on their property. To achieve that goal, they can explore numerous safety options for different types of property, such as fencing for a larger, rural area or a small pedestrian entrance adjacent to the swinging or sliding driveway gate of a suburban home.

Americans Are Increasingly Concerned About Residential Safety

Americans’ safety concerns have reached a “three-decade high,” according to Gallup, “44% worry about their home being burglarized when they aren’t there.” Anyone selling homes is well-aware that the lack of appearance of any safety issues could reduce the asking price of a home. Fortunately, there is a diversity of access controls to match one’s budget as well as the level of security needed for a given residence.

How a Driveway Gate Can Boost Your Curb Appeal

If your home has a driveway, then a driveway gate is a great way to deter unauthorized entries. Without some form of barrier, anyone can turn into the driveway and easily enter the premises, whether intentionally or not. That’s why the curb appeal can be enhanced fairly simply on a property that lends itself to a gated entrance, such as an unprotected rear driveway or a spacious home that draws attention in an affluent neighborhood.

Homebuyers Look for Security Systems When Home Shopping

The vast majority of realtors recommend improving your curb appeal before trying to sell your home. And when it comes to adding outdoor features like an automatic gate, it is vital to have the job done by a knowledgeable professional. An Electronic Entry System (EES) specialist will explain the different options for installing or updating an existing gate, as well as the most appropriate entry system for your property.

Consult with an Expert About Installing an Electronic Security System

It’s always best to consult with a security expert and explore your options to ensure you install the right type of electronic security system. EES can take a look at what you have, discuss possible upgrades, and install the automatic gate, fencing or other property barriers most likely to protect and improve the value of your property.

Call today for a free consultation about what type of security system can provide more safety for your family and boost the curb appeal of your home. Electronic Entry Systems serves the greater Chicagoland area, Lake Geneva, Rockford, Elgin, Aurora, Joliet, Peoria, and Northwest Indiana.