As we enter a new year, improving building security is a top concern for all types of business entities around the country. Some existing security elements will remain the same. However, as customizable, tech-focused solutions become available, more properties will supplement measures already in place with tools and technologies that are designed to provide better results.

Upgrading systems with the latest automation can add protection – and ultimately save money – at any type of property:

  • Retail Businesses
  • Office Parks
  • Industrial Parks
  • Commercial Warehouses
  • Condos & Mixed Use Properties

Stronger Protection for Retail Properties & Other Businesses

One of the biggest trends has been a growing need for effective security in retail spaces. A recent report in Forbes shines a light on some of the gaps in security that businesses are facing, particularly among retailers. It found that:

  1. 90 percent of retailers in the U.S. have dealt with some form of theft.
  2. Nearly 80 percent of respondents view organized crime as a growing threat.
  3. Most also think shoplifters have become “more aggressive and violent.”

These numbers shed light on why more complex security systems are being used to protect against individuals who might breach those properties, and not just in retail. Whether you lease apartments, warehouses or commercial spaces, it will be increasingly vital to show clients that you’re invested in the implementation of strong external and internal security measures.

Rising Need for External Security at Commercial & Industrial Spaces

If you own or manage a business property, you may have taken steps to integrate better security systems for the building that includes added protections for the tenants. In the months and years to come, comprehensive, up-to-date security systems will be expected in all types of commercial buildings. Examples of popular measures to consider include

  1. Automated entrances with access controls
  2. State-of-the-art surveillance cameras
  3. Software that enables the tracking of everyone entering and exiting properties

What are the biggest threats at your site? A risk assessment by a security professional will let entities know what gaps may be in their systems and the most effective tools for filling in those gaps.

Advanced Security Will Fill in Safety Gaps, Save Businesses Money

Buildings are becoming “smarter” as security personnel are replaced by newer, more effective technology that saves facilities money by reducing cargo theft and other types of crime.

Today, anyone can install a building access control system that will be tailored to fit their specific range of needs. Controlling access to sites will be central to systems at locations formerly manned by security officers. That includes ways to track visitors and tenants as they enter and exit through facial recognition technology, key fobs, smartphones and other tools. Whichever one you choose, software will enable you to store and access identifying information that keeps out undesirable elements while managing your tenant databases.

Automated Gate Systems Added at Entrances

Automated gates themselves have also become more effective in more ways than one. Solar-powered gate operators are providing more efficient, energy-saving ways to access properties, as well. Today’s advanced gated solutions are able to connect with smart entry systems that give you more control over your premises. A well-designed, automated gate at all entrances can provide the necessary physical barriers and connect with systems so that only approved guests are admitted onto properties.

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Maybe you have the right gate but need automatic vehicle identification and a telephone entry system to connect to it – or vice versa. Many buildings are getting some aspects of security right but lack in surveillance, reliable property barriers or updated access controls. What’s important in the new year is to create a system that has all the necessary components to protect your individual property, and to ensure they all operate together smoothly and seamlessly.

Reach out to Electronic Entry Systems to improve your commercial or residential security outlook in the new year. Contact us today for a free consultation to get started on a safer tomorrow!