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Signs a security system is in need of service or an upgrade can pop up at any time, and you may not notice them without routine inspections. Planning annual examinations of your property’s security system, starting with your property’s exterior entrances and exits, is an excellent way to keep crucial repairs from slipping through the cracks. Since the need for tighter security often builds up as the weather changes from colder to warmer, all the more reason to find out beforehand what gaps may exist so you can address them and make the necessary adjustments.

Common steps that should be taken annually include:

  1. Upkeeping Automated Gated Entrances
  2. Updating System Data
  3. Reviewing Camera & Surveillance Functionality
  4. Checking Access Control Points
  5. Testing Other Aspects of the Security Infrastructure

Everything that contributes to your security program must be maintained to ensure that all the parts are operating as a whole to get the job done. Your first order of business: ensure the security systems at your entry points are able to keep potential threats off the premises.

Routine Maintenance for Automated Gates

The cold can take a toll on any outdoor automated gate structure and components and keep gates from opening and closing properly. Some gated systems are fairly low-maintenance, but it’s still important to thoroughly examine the system to confirm the entrance is working smoothly and reliably. Before temperatures get too low, outdoor moving parts such as hinges and slide gate rollers may need to be greased (some have sealed bearings which don’t need to be greased) and chains need to be oiled. Any enclosures and equipment must also be cleaned and checked for signs of debris, water infiltration, and wear and tear.

Fluctuations in weather, an aging lock or misaligned sensors can quickly lead to issues. Make a point of testing all components after snow, rain and cold snaps and add lubrication where necessary.

Conduct Routine Assessments of Other Security Components

Whether your security system consists of a complex network of access controls and surveillance at multiple entrances, or a single automated entry system at a residence, the growing role of technology makes routine maintenance more important than ever. How are you monitoring unauthorized entries and undesirable activities at your building’s entrances? Entry systems that use intercoms, battery operated remotes and other accessories, should be checked and possibly upgraded to include better options. With multiple cameras and gate sensors at various points of entry, routine testing will help you determine when it’s time to replace these types of components with more updated, higher functioning ones.

Adjust Outdated Information

Every system today requires some form of authorized access, whether to ID the vehicles entering or to monitor the identities of a changing roster of tenants and residents. Some facilities managers make the mistake of treating these systems like static entities that don’t require oversight. But unauthorized access poses one of the biggest risks to a building’s security today, leading to other adjustments and fixes. The parameters that have been programmed in the access controls in your buildings may also need adjustments as people come and go.

Have an Expert Test Your Systems for Vulnerabilities

Consult with a professional who can help integrate all of the different parts and the data they contain into a centralized system. If you don’t have a detailed maintenance plan already in place, a security expert can let you know what elements to test, and how often, to ensure they aren’t vulnerable to unexpected breaches.

For example, Electronic Entry Systems, which provides a range of security products and services, offers this additional advice for maintaining gated entrances: “As with any electro-mechanical equipment, safety and other features and components should be periodically checked for proper operation, voltage, and signs of abnormal wear. Our Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI) provides a way to accomplish this, with three scheduled inspections per year to check over the entire system. In addition, all customers with a PMI receive our best pricing with discounts on all service calls.”

Consider Upgrading Your Automated Gates with Electronic Entry Systems

As part of your inspections, compare your gate options to be sure that what you have is providing your property with maximum protection. Because swing gates don’t have as many moving parts as other types of gates they tend to require less attention. Slide gates, on the other hand, may require a bit more care but may not not be as safe. Instead, something that includes automatic vehicle ID and a telephone entry system might be a safer choice for your property.

Consult with Electronic Entry Systems to find out what solution is best for your gated system, as well as the best way to maintain it. Contact us today for a free consultation to get you started on a more secure future.