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Everyone wants to feel safe where they live. And there can be countless indicators that you’re in a safe neighborhood, from clean sidewalks and good lighting to minimal police presence and low crime rates. But keeping streets and homes safe and sound matters for reasons extending beyond crime avoidance. It enables families and businesses to flourish peacefully, allows home values to increase, and makes a thriving community possible.

Today, safety matters more than ever as people are becoming more informed and involved in security issues than in the past. The measures that communities and individual organizations are taking to improve safety are also changing. Neighborhood Facebook groups and apps like SpotCrime provide fast access to crime data, causing a heightened awareness and a growing desire for action.

Discouraging Theft, Burglaries and Other Crimes

According to Bankrate, committing a burglary only takes on average 90 seconds to 12 minutes – not much time at all. Because of how quickly this type of event can occur, people want new ways, such as 24/7 security cameras, to minimize threats in and outside of their homes.

Neighborhood safety has also become a key issue in recent years due to pandemic-related disruption and other reasons. Either higher crime rates, or simply a greater perception of disorder, have led to these heightened concerns. Folks understand that going about their days in peace reduces the physical, financial and emotional toll that crime can cause, especially if it’s a problem that perpetuates over time.

Crime Prevention Steps That Promote Neighborhood Safety in Illinois

While thefts and burglaries can occur anywhere, they can be mitigated by a combination of effective and appropriate means. Sometimes even relatively small steps can help communities reduce the risk of becoming a crime victim – particularly if lots of neighbors are on board. Some of the most common ways to promote neighborhood safety include:

  1. Keep properties clean and tidy.
  2. Have good street lighting.
  3. Install automatic gates, fencing or other property barriers.
  4. Get to know your neighbors.
  5. Create a group focused on safety measures.
  6. Discuss surveillance options with an expert.
  7. Secure your windows, especially at night.
  8. Contact neighbors or law enforcement when necessary.
  9. Have someone pick up mail when out of town.

Perception of Safety Is Important to a Community’s Well-Being

Feeling safe in one’s neighborhood is vital for any community to maintain an active lifestyle that fosters the health and well-being of its residents, from the youngest to the oldest members. Even though there have been many advancements in security systems for different types of spaces, those who pose a threat have also become more sophisticated, and that can compromise the degree to which people feel safe walking alone in their area. When people start to sense increased risks around them, they may begin to withdraw from spaces they worry are becoming dangerous. This trend particularly applies to older people, those with disabilities and other vulnerable groups.

Consult with an Expert About Installing Electronic Security System

There is one sure-fire way to secure any property. Homeowners, businesses, and property owners are installing automated gates to deter entry to individuals not authorized or permitted to enter the premises. Nowadays, there are more effective and varied tools and systems to choose from that not only provide security and privacy, but may also enhance the beauty of their surroundings. Popular and effective options include:

  • Property Barriers
  • Automatic Gates & Fencing
  • Access controlled doors
  • Gate Operators
  • Entry Systems & Intercoms
  • Surveillance Options

If safety is a top concern, consult with a security expert who can discuss the best options available and install safety-tested equipment and an automated gate system. Find a service with a proven and exceptional safety record demonstrating a history of professionalism. A service provider should be able to discuss both the capabilities and the limitations of their access control and operating systems, and be able to provide proper training so that customers are comfortable operating any new tools and equipment.

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