A gate.

Security is the primary concern of commercial properties today – to keep all of their people, vehicles and property safe 24/7. The good news is that recent innovations in security systems are keeping these things safer with more sophisticated, safety-tested equipment and automated systems. All of them rely on some form of advanced technologies to put the power back into the hands of the people who need it most.

Whether your responsibilities extend to operations, management, ownership, administrative oversight, or all of the above, the security options to choose from are continuously evolving – which is great, but can also be a bit much when you’re exploring solutions. With that in mind, here’s a brief rundown of the developments you’re likely to encounter in the most popular systems used in commercial spaces.

Different Types of Advanced Safety Systems at Businesses & Commercial Entities

Instead of simply relying on security guards to man their entrances and parking lots, commercial spaces have a lot more innovative technology and systems to choose from these days. Depending on the location, a person may need to make it through multiple barriers of entry, each with its own access-controlled technology that must meet the highest standards for companies to put their trust in it. Here are four areas where you’ll notice these changes:

More Convenient and Secure Identification Technology

There are increasingly effective ways to keep track of who enters and exits the premises. For example, Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVID) provides quick, easy access for vehicles using an ID decal that can be “read” like an I-PASS device. The software automatically keeps track of individual entry and exit records, which can be accessed as needed by the company.

Keys are also becoming a thing of the past. Many keyless systems allow entry and egress with the flip of a fob or push of a button.

Access Controls Using U-Link Technology

Given the growing digital footprint of security today, it’s crucial to be sure your access controls are safe and remain only in your hands. One helpful advancement is U-Link, a single communication platform for all types of control units and receivers used in gate automation and access control. It uses specific gateways for all types of physical media and communication protocol, ensuring:

  • A thoroughly stable standard
  • Correct communication
  • Secure data protection

With two levels of encryption, U-Link also lets users condense their control units and receivers into a single communication platform. It can work with or without a network connection and enables remote maintenance of products.

Surveillance: Infrared Technology, License Plate Recognition & Other Camera Systems

The latest surveillance cameras offer more reliable ways to keep a covert eye wherever you need it, 24/7/365. Newer innovations mean the client chooses the type of security that best fits their needs and their property.

For instance, more companies are using infrared cameras to protect their property at night. These thermal detection systems are designed with sensors to pick up radiation using electromagnetic technology. This enables the camera to detect heat emitted by the person or object in its path. There are also more advanced outdoor cameras, license plate recognition technology and wall-mounted cameras to monitor safety throughout your business.

Automatic Gates and Barriers

The best gates today can be custom fabricated to match almost any existing entrance, fence or railing. They’re activated using key switches or keypad codes and are designed to provide a much longer life than traditional structures. With a BBU (Battery-Back-Up) power system, gates can still be opened during a power outage.

Consult with an Expert About Installing Electronic Security System

When looking for the right system, start by speaking to an expert who has provided services in a broad range of industries. At Electronic Entry Systems (EES), one of our team members will walk you through the highest-quality options available in access control systems and entry systems for industrial and commercial buildings. With over 30 years of service in the same location, EES provides safety first technicians, responsive staff, written installation and service guarantees. What’s more, we have established relationships with gate operator equipment manufacturers and an exhaustive network of installation advising engineers.

A specialist will help you select the best possible solutions, whether for:

  1. Large populated areas
  2. Office buildings
  3. Large campuses
  4. Other commercial properties

At EES, we give commercial and industrial buildings in northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin and northwest Indiana the best security system possible to safeguard their property. Contact us online to request a service or consultation. If you have questions, call us at 800-337-4283 so we can help you identify the ideal solution to achieve your security goals.