a security system.

As temperatures rise, many types of crime reports also go up. This fact may not come as a big surprise to folks in the Midwest, where long, chilly months limit our access to most outdoor activities. It’s perhaps natural that when folks finally do head outside, particularly at night, there is more opportunity for crime to break out and other transgressions to occur.

Whether that makes safety more important at your location depends on a few things. If you manage security at a warehouse, you may feel just as strongly about securing and limiting access to that space year round. Still, reasons to inspect – and possibly expand – your system in summer may include:

  • History of theft or burglaries
  • Potential cost of multiple incidents
  • Aging equipment
  • Changes in personnel
  • Growing crime in your area

Most Residential Burglaries Occur in the Summer

No one wants to think their home will be broken into. However, it doesn’t hurt to be aware of the risks posed by crime, as well as where and when it is more likely to occur. More than 1 million burglaries are reported each year. That amounts to about one every 26 seconds.

But studies show the rate is even higher when temperatures rise. There are seasonal hikes during warmer weather, not just in household burglary and larceny, but aggravated assault rates are also higher in the summer compared with most other seasons.

Violent Crimes Peak in Illinois and Other Midwestern States in Warmer Weather

It’s important to be aware that the heat generally leads to other types of aggression peaking in summer. Rates of violence involving weapons and acts of violence resulting in serious injuries are shown to be highest in the summer, as well. However, while criminal events resulting in serious injuries tend to be higher in the summer than in winter and spring, these levels often remain just as high in the fall.

Commercial Building May Need to Alter Security Systems in Summer

Safety matters to all types of organizations, and even small changes can make a difference when it comes to protecting your property this summer. Some facilities managers find that longer days can introduce the need to alter their security in summertime. Does extended sunlight attract more people to your properties? Does the growth of shrubbery in springtime alter the views of cameras or security personnel? If so, those types of changes should be factored into your property’s approach to security maintenance.

Crime Isn’t Always Seasonal – Safety Measures Needed Year Round

Naturally, different types of crimes follow different patterns. For example, Robbery rates don’t tend to vary seasonally. And even among those incidents that do spike in summer, the differences may not be enough to drastically reduce your security needs in colder weather.

In all seasons, advanced security cameras, secure entrances and alarm systems are great ways to allow entry only to authorized personnel. Wherever you’re located, make sure that any necessary changes are implemented at the beginning of each season so that you’re taking a proactive approach to protection.

How to Protect Your Property in All Seasons

This year, create a system that is aimed at providing just what your building or property requires. Thanks to advancements in today’s security systems, the components available are more targeted and effective than ever before. It’s especially vital to provide security at entrances and exits, and there are many tools and techniques available for handling this task:

  • Property Barriers
  • Automatic Gates & Fencing
  • Controlled Doors
  • Gate Operators
  • Entry Systems & Intercoms
  • Surveillance Options

Consult with an Expert About Upgrading or Installing an Electronic Security System

To strengthen your security system, consult with an expert who can discuss the best options to meet the unique needs of your space. At Electronic Entry Systems, we have an exceptional safety record and a demonstrated history of professionalism. Our experts are prepared to handle any and all of your needs:

  1. Provide top-rated, cost-effective security solutions
  2. Discuss the capabilities of distinct access control and operating systems
  3. Provide installation at your property
  4. Properly train your workers

Electronic Entry Systems serves the greater Chicagoland area, extending to Lake Geneva, Rockford, Elgin, Aurora, Joliet, Peoria, and Northwest Indiana. Written guarantees are provided on all installations and services. Reach out online or give us a call so we can identify the best solution for your security goals this summer!