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In today’s world, any type of organization that has a physical location can benefit from a state-of-the-art security gate system. For one thing, “gated security” has grown to mean many things. As the options expand, so does your ability to tailor a gated solution to one that matches the unique needs of your location.

What can a system provide? Many things an organization may not have considered:

  1. 24/7 security of property
  2. Theft prevention
  3. Ongoing support
  4. Long-term protection
  5. Trust and comfort of workers and/or residents
  6. Image preservation

But the breadth of options might feel a bit overwhelming if you’re in charge of a department or business that wants to up its security game. To get a better sense of your needs, it helps to understand the many ways properties and the people who use them can be protected.

Gated Security Systems Save Money and Help Protect Your Bottom Line

Installing or adding to a gated security system is an upfront expense with a big return on investment. They don’t just make visitors and residents feel safe – but they protect you from theft and other events that inflict financial pain across the country every day. Just consider the value of losses people face each year, according to Bankrate:

  • There are roughly 3,300 burglaries each day in the U.S.
  • Stolen property in 2022 was valued at more than $971.3 billion.
  • Only about 6% of that stolen property was recovered.

A single loss of property could cause downtime that puts a growing company out of business, not to mention the cost of replacing stolen goods. When you figure in the likelihood of theft without a tight security system, it’s easy to see how having one in place protects your bottom line and even strengthens your brand.

Added Security & Convenience Tailored for Any Midwestern Properties

Many types of properties today could use extra security at their entrances. In today’s climate, a single gate is not always enough to maintain the safety a business owner or property manager needs. Whether for a small walk gate or an 80-foot slide gate, higher quality solutions are appealing to facilities managers looking for tighter security on their grounds. What more advanced gate systems offer is a combination of features and services that work together to enhance a building’s access control and limit breaches and other vulnerabilities. They may also include some form of visitor management operations where needed.

Automated Access Control & Customizable Features Heighten Safety in Residential, Commercial and Industrial Areas

The best gates are designed to be activated using key switches or keypad codes to let the right people in and keep the wrong ones out. There are many kinds of automated barriers – they may include slide gates, swing gates, and a variety of other practical, automated solutions. They are ideal for private and public driveways, parking lots, and commercial areas. For those in the Midwest, they function just as well in rain, snow and icy weather.

Fencing and Popular Barrier Gates Control Movement of Vehicles

Barrier gates are the most popular form of vehicle control in commercial and industrial areas, from parking lots and office buildings to airports and hospitals. And there are many types of fencing available. Materials may include wrought iron and pre-fabricated steel, PVC, aluminum, and other highly durable components. Be sure your service provider can ensure a high level of dependability and resilience but also factors beauty and appearance into their products.

Greater Advanced Technology Adds Safety by Monitoring Identities of Visitors

Technology is being improved every day to help people manage the flow of visitors, monitor who enters properties and track their identities if necessary.  Keyless systems remove the problem of people getting locked out and the need to replace lost keys. Some of the newer systems use software that makes it easy to track who enters and exits, including access to digital records for future reference.

Surveillance and License Plate Recognition Keep Out Intruders

The latest surveillance cameras allow property managers to keep a covert eye wherever and whenever they need it, making it harder for intruders to access property and leave undetected.

More advanced outdoor cameras, license plate recognition technology and wall-mounted cameras all work together to monitor safety throughout the organization.

Consult with an Expert About Installing Electronic Security System

At Electronic Entry Systems (EES), we secure properties using the most sophisticated safety-tested equipment and automated gate systems on the market. Contact us online to request a service or consultation for your building. EES serves northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin or northwest Indiana.

Don’t hesitate to call us at 800-337-4283 so we can help you identify the best gated solution to achieve your organization’s most pressing security goals.