A large metal gate.

The great thing about today’s gated security systems is that they are designed with the highest level of security available, as well as the ability to be tailored to a specific set of customer requirements. The gates themselves can be custom-made for a single-home residential property, an industrial warehouse or other commercial facility, or a mixed-use high rise that houses condos as well as businesses.

If you are exploring options for your property, you may be wondering: what is the difference? To be effective, there is a lot to consider when going for the most resilient solution that will provide the highest level of security. You may be considering:

  • Complexity of security solution
  • Scope of system
  • Cost of installation
  • Ongoing services needed
  • Potential for gate operator

In addition, there are many kinds of gates, including swinging gates, sliding gates, and automated options. They can be installed at the end of a driveway, at the entrance to a gated community, or at the entrance to a sprawling commercial area.

The Growing Cost of Security Breaches at Homes and Businesses

Let’s start with what modern gated solutions have in common: a fundamental need for protection in today’s world. Security breaches are a risk in every type of neighborhood, and they occur at a growing financial cost to home and business owners. Recent security data reported by Entrepreneur Magazine showcases this trend:

  • Most crimes reported in 2020 were crimes against property.
  • Property crimes cost companies about $17.2 billion each year.
  • Cargo thefts went up from $49 million in 2019 to about $57.9 in 2021.
  • The types of organized retail crime (ORC) are expanding, as well.

The Complexity of Commercial Security Systems

Every business and commercial entity has the same essential goal when it comes to a gated solution: keep out the wrong people and let the right ones in. However, there are many potential components depending on the specific location. A commercial property may have multiple entrances and exits, highly valuable goods to protect, and even copyright issues to worry about.

In addition, these days there are more ways to track personnel changes, as turnover is often a security issue at corporations. Thanks to advancements such as digital readers at entry points and improved surveillance technology, there are more ways to accomplish these goals than ever before.

Another factor is that personnel may need training to oversee your new automated gate system, since a gate operator or security manager are often needed in a commercial setting. Industrial facilities that experience a lot of traffic may employ license plate recognition technology and oversee the collection of data to track the flow of personnel.

The Unique Needs of Residential Properties

The essential purpose of a residential gated system is similar to that of any business property – to keep out intruders and other unauthorized individuals, while providing both financial and physical protection. But the concerns your solution needs to address may be slightly different. The concerns of residents are likely more focused on the physical safety of individuals and their families’, particularly at night, but they may not need the kind of extensive surveillance a commercial entity can require.

Residents may prefer to focus their security budget on aspects such as the latest key fobs, security cameras and access-controlled doors, as well as an attractive, high-end gate that protects their home values and is in keeping with neighborhood standards. With multiple homes or condos, there may not be just one centralized security hub; every unit may need its own way to connect with the physical entrance, independently of their neighbors.

Finally, many residential properties in search of more sophisticated and effective solutions are run by HOA (housing association) boards, so board members or property managers may be involved in safety decisions.

Use a Dependable, Trustworthy Service When Selecting Your Gated System

As for the gates themselves, there is a growing variety of gated solutions that can be tailored to just about any type of space, so it is important to gather as much information as possible that will lead you to the right choice for your property. There may be state-of-the-art advanced technology as part of the package, and a highly qualified service provider like Electronic Entry Systems (EES) can oversee both aspects of your installation.

Our team will help ensure you install not just the most appropriate system, but one that is designed to withstand the test of time. Request a service or consultation today, or call 800-337-4283 to discuss options and find out which ones will best meet your needs.