At many residential properties across the country, the presence of a gated security system at the main entry point is as vital to the community’s security as an electronic garage door is to the home itself. The appeal has only grown in the recent decades – as have options of gated systems on the market – in no small part because they have proven to be effective at lowering burglary rates.

To make these systems possible, a gate operator must be installed to control the gates, enabling the flow of traffic to and from the residences. Since they can be used at pretty much any type of gated entrance, you might be wondering if it’s time to install one yourself. While the types of gate operators vary, they generally provide significant benefits:

  • More secure gated system
  • Ease of operation
  • Crime deterrent
  • Heightened convenience
  • Appropriate for all types of weather
  • Boosted curb appeal

Still, it’s important to weigh your options before investing in a whole new system where you live. Start by getting a deeper understanding of the reasons a gate operator and all it provides might be right for your property.

You Want Extra Security Where You Live

There are many reasons that homeowners choose to live in a home or community that requires passing through a gated system, but the main one by far is because of the extra security it provides. Any gate may deter intruders to some degree by creating boundaries and filtering access to a residential property. However, a modern, automated gate operator has many built-in features to help ensure that only the residents and other authorized individuals are able to enter the property.

You Want to Control the Entrance of Other Individuals

With so many workers, guests and other folks coming and going, sometimes it’s hard to maintain a sense of security at your own property. Another purpose of the gate operator is to give residents more control over who can access their property and when. The underlying goal is to streamline and limit the flow of people to and from the property. As you explore your options, you’ll discover that there may be numerous ways to make this happen, such as:

  • Intercoms
  • Key fobs
  • Key pads
  • Individual codes
  • Cameras
  • Handheld control devices

Would you feel more comfortable using key fobs, codes, drivers licenses or other features for identifying individuals? Some systems are manned by a worker who checks IDs and verifies the identity of those entering. As residents move out, the codes or devices may need to be changed, so it’s important to envision what the day-to-day experience would be like where you live.

You Want to Send the Message That This Property is Securely Protected

Perhaps you’re looking for a higher level of personal privacy or are concerned about valuable property that needs extra protection. The fact is, an automated gate operator sends a very different message than a traditional gate with a manual lock or latch – or, what is more common, no gate at all. The mere presence of a state-of-the-art system lets passers by know that this property is highly protected. And it can still be combined with traditionally beautiful, elegant gates, giving you the best of both worlds.

You Want to Manage the Gate Using a Simple Devise

Improved technology is making it easier to control and manage today’s gated systems, and one aspect of that is the device that the residents will use as they return home. There is also a growing array of devices used to operate the systems. Your accessory options may include:

  • Remote controls
  • Hands-free devices
  • Clickers
  • Transmitters

Additional equipment can be installed for postal workers, emergency services and other uses. Whatever setup you have in mind for guests, family members and workers, there is a way to make it happen while still achieving your overarching goal of increased security.

You Simply Want a Higher Quality Security System Where You Live

Today’s gate operators are powered by advanced motors that enable them to function with more precision, efficiency and ease than ever. There are even solar-powered options that provide the same quality of operation without relying on the electrical grid to make that happen. To be sure, an advanced, well-designed gated operator is an investment, so it’s worth it to find out more and make sure you’re getting the right match for your home or community.

Our Electronic Entry Systems (EES) team will discuss your needs and answer all of your questions to ensure you get the most appropriate gated security system for your property. Reach out at any time to request a consultation, or call 800-337-4283 to find out more about what we can do for you!