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Are you responsible for the safety of a home, commercial property or other type of property and its tenants? If so, it is vital to look for signs that the security system in place – or any key aspect of it – is in need of an upgrade. The components of a system need to be upgraded periodically so that they remain as effective as intended. Yet keeping up with every new development can be difficult with so many individual types of protection on the market today.

Aspects of an advanced, up-to-date system may include a wide range of safety measures that all must work together seamlessly. These may include:

A breach or failure in any of these areas is the clearest sign that something is lacking in your approach to security. But there are several other signs that can also let you know your system is ready for an upgrade.

Your Gated Entrance Shows Wear & Tear or Lacks Automated Protection

Keep an eye out for simple, telltale signs of vulnerabilities or outdated technology. Perhaps the clearest sign that a gated system is in need of an upgrade is the physical wear and tear that occurs over time, through repeated use and exposure to the elements. This problem may manifest in many ways:

  • Failure to open or shut smoothly
  • Visible rust or weather damage
  • Past repairs that don’t last
  • Lack of automation
  • Regular malfunctions
  • Vulnerability to breaches

What is the history of your gated system? Are there days when it doesn’t close properly or a push of the button doesn’t prompt it to unlock automatically as it should? Another common scenario is when a gate shuts but stops locking – making it vulnerable to anyone who wants to enter.

A modern, high-quality automated system can be the answer to any of these problems. A service provider like Electronic Entry Systems (EES) will examine your entrance to get to the root of the issue so your community can move forward with the most appropriate solution.

Your Outdated System Doesn’t Protect Against Today’s Threats

Any system a building relies on for its security must be designed to address the latest threats faced by the residents or businesses there. In today’s world, adding better lighting, video surveillance, and a higher quality gate can all work together to keep out unauthorized personnel and protect residents or businesses.

As criminal elements of society become more sophisticated, security solutions are becoming more advanced, as well. A facility manager will need to examine the exterior and interior spaces routinely to determine if any modifications are necessary to keep up with the times.

Some Aspects of Your Security Work Better Than Others

People often take a piecemeal approach to building security. This can lead to a system in which the locks or key fobs are new, but other aspects such as the gate itself are outdated and in need of an upgrade. This approach will only work for so long. Ensuring that all the pieces work together is an investment that can save money over time by reducing threats to the people and property you want to protect.

Discuss How an Automated Gated System Can Improve Security with Experts at EES

As concerns about safety grow in the general population, so too should the focus on upgrading elements of your system so that you’re getting the most protection for your properties. At Electronic Entry Systems (EES), we recognize that today’s gated solutions are increasingly complex and go beyond the style of a given entrance. For that reason, our team of experts provide each client with an initial consultation to ensure a match between the security solution we provide and each individual property.

Is your security system ready for an upgrade? Request a consultation with one of our specialists at EES by visiting us online or calling 800-337-4283 today.